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What to Prepare

In preparation for your visit, we ask that you please review the list below and bring all results that pertain to the condition for which you are being evaluated so they are available for your surgeon during your visit.

  • Bring a list of symptoms or problems you have been experiencing.
  • Bring information on over-the-counter medications, supplements or herbs you are taking. Remember to jot down information on frequency and dosage.
  • Know your family’s medical history including any recent changes.
  • Bring a copy of your up to date insurance information.
  • If you prefer to do your own research on the Web, while we appreciate our patients’ initiative, keep in mind that not all health information available on the Web is reliable.
  • If you are nervous about your appointment, bring your spouse, a family member or a friend to ask questions and provide support.
  • Get laboratory tests or procedures done in advance so your surgeon has the results.